All About Us

It’s all about the Elegance!

Fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings paired with classy heels, simply ooze quality and remain the iconic, strikingly stylish fashion statement for the elegant lady. Period! The wearing of such exquisite finery defines the core purpose of DC.
This more or less sums it up. DC is a social group of like minded couples who love classic, fully fashioned stockings and enjoy dressing smartly. That’s it!


Traditionally there are two dinner dances per year plus a couple of member organised events. Burns night in Reigate is becoming a ‘fixture’ as is the Chinon Classic in the Loire valley and a corset event in Germany. Recently there has also been a vineyard tour at Denby’s a great weekend in Blackpool a Christmas do and a smattering of local interest meet-ups. Members really into the ‘scene’ also enjoy other stocking related events with other groups.

Will we fit in?

Most ladies will tell you it was quite daunting for them the first time meeting the group. Not knowing exactly what to expect and unsure as to whether they will fit in can cause a level of anxiety. However, members are very welcoming and social and there is no hidden agenda. Like all groups, as you get to know people there comes a sense of community and obviously if you don’t make the effort to socialise you won’t reap the benefits.

Join us?

If you feel this is for you and you would like to participate then please join us, you would be most welcome.

Quirky & Interesting Facts about Stockings

  • In the 50’s and early 60’s women wouldn’t be seen dead without a pair of seamed stockings. In fact, if they could not afford a pair, it was common to draw a mascara line up the back of the leg!
  • Fine stockings come in 10, 15 and 20 denier. The smaller the number the finer the stocking. A denier is the weight in grams of 6 miles of nylon thread. So 6 miles of 15 denier equates to 15 grams.
  • Fully fashioned means they have been flat knitted and loops reduced to form the shape, before being sewn up the seam.
  • There are only a handful of manufacturers in the world today.

Those were the days!


‘Is this out of my price range?’

As desirable as it may be to frequent luxurious hotels and indulge in fine dining, it is beyond the means of most people, especially when you factor in all the other interests one might have. Denier Court aims to be affordable, and as such we try to keep the dinner dances at around £180 per couple which includes one night B&B at the hotel, dinner & disco.

‘Is this a swinging group?’

This is probably the most frequently asked question and the answer is no! If you are a couple and into swinging, you are most welcome, but don’t try it on with the group, they won’t like it!

‘Where are you based?’

There is no specific base, we have members spread far and wide, but the majority live around the south east and midlands.

‘Can we get away with modern lycra blend stockings?’

No! No! No! Agh! Wash your mouth out! We might be ‘affordable’ when it comes to environment, but we are ‘Top Drawer’ when it comes to stockings. Agh, can’t believe you asked such a question!

‘Do I really have to wear a dinner jacket and bow tie?’

For the formal dinner dances yes. We know there are men who don’t like donning the good old DJ, but for clear style and respect for the stocking clad, heels and cocktail dress wearing ladies it is only fitting. Many wear DJ’s for Burns night, but otherwise smart casual (no jeans) is fine at other times.

‘Do I have to wear fully fashioned stockings all weekend?’

That is the scheme of things. Whereas it is not compulsory, most ladies wear stockings from when they arrive to when they leave the following day. It is all about the elegance!

If you treat fully fashioned stocking wearing as a five minute wonder for the evening only, you are missing the point and not embracing the tactile elegance associated with the dress code. In which case what is the point in joining us?




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