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Thank you Karen and Johnathan. So glad you enjoyed the event. York is a bit to far for us in the winter but hopefully we can meet up soon or next April at the Holt Hotel ? Best wishes Simone and Peter

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Christmas get together – North Yorks

Thank you for a lovely evening, we both enjoyed it.

We wondered if any members might be interested in a get together in December in York.

The main restaurant is excellent as is the hotel.

Details of the hotel here.

Winter Experiences

Thank you,
Karen & Jonathan.

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Hi Karen & Jonathan,

We would love to meet up with you again and the Grand looks very nice, buts its a 9 hour round trip for us.
We have signed up for the Dutch stocking association event in January, Peter says its very good and a similar crowd to Denier Court. May we can see you there?

All the best Rob and Yolanda
07963 785231