About Denier Court

It’s all about Elegance

Fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings paired with classy heels, simply ooze elegance and remain the iconic, strikingly stylish fashion statement for the elegant lady. The wearing of such exquisite finery defines the core purpose of Denier Court.

Denier Court is a society that celebrates the elegance and style of vintage nylon stockings and brings together like-minded couples to socialise, talk, dance, dine and make friends in a relaxed and elegant setting.

Fitting In

Most members admit to some apprehension before attending their first event. This is natural. But all members go out of their way to make newcomers welcome and comfortable. There are no unexpected surprises, no hidden agendas and no unpleasantness. Just food, music, dance, drink, chat, friendship and elegance. Like all groups, as you get to know people there comes a sense of community. By the time you attend your second event, you will feel like one of the regulars, and you will have met many new friends.

Denier court is specifically for couples with an interest in fully fashioned seamed stockings. If you are a couple and into swinging, that’s fine, but don’t openly attempt the activity within the group. They won’t like it. Our organisation’s values are based on friendship, socialising, elegant dress, and respect. Not Swinging.

If you appreciate fully fashioned seamed stockings and all of the finery that goes with them and you think that this social group is what you are looking for, we at Denier Court would be very pleased to welcome you.


We hold two dinner dances per year plus some member organised events, which often include Christmas parties, Burns nights, trips to Germany, France, UK based retro events, cruises and any other event that any member would like to invite other members along to.


Something that should be understood before you join for your peace of mind and for other members is that we take your privacy seriously. Most members enjoy taking photographs of Denier Court events to remember them by. It is important that photographs of other members are not posted publicly unless you have the permission of everyone in the photo. It would be considered bad form and unacceptable for any member to post photos to social media such as Facebook or Flickr without the knowledge of those who appear in them. Many of our members proudly post their own images publicly, and are open about their membership of Denier Court. But if you would prefer to remain private, you can be sure that all of our members will respect that choice.

Membership Fees

Our membership fee is £25 per year per couple. This is not a lot of money and pays for the maintenance of the website and sundry administration costs. It also helps us book venues in advance to achieve the best prices for our events, and cover any other costs that we may have. We are a not-for-profit organisation though and any surplus fees often go towards the first glass of bubbly at our dinner-dance events, or to subsidise the overnight stays.

From our members…

“I was so nervous when we went to our first event. ‘I had no idea what to expect. There was no need to worry though. Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and down-to-earth. I look forward to every event.”

Mrs S – Member

“I was an occasional stockings wearer in my younger days, but I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear seamed stockings in my everyday life. That’s why we love doing to the Denier Court dinners. I love to dress up and feel amazing. We both enjoy getting to talk to so many friendly members who feel the same way.”

C & P – Members

“There are not many occasions we can dress so smartly and not feel out of place. Denier Court is one such place where we can dress up and feel entirely comfortable.”

Mr & Mrs P – Members

It’s good clean fun. A little flirtatious, very respectful – we love it! We really look forward to these events. An evening in the company of friends, elegant dress, fine food and an amazing atmosphere. What’s not to like?

Mrs B – Member