Frequently Asked Questions

What is Denier Court?

Denier Court is a non-profit organisation that organises formal and informal events for members who enjoy dressing elegantly and socialising. We hold two formal dinner dances per year in quality but affordable hotels and a number of member-organised events too.

I am thinking of joining but I’m a bit apprehensive. Should I be?

Absolutely not. There is nothing untoward about what we do. It is simply about elegant dressing and fine dining. Our members are all very friendly. We have all been new members once and know that feeling of apprehension, but that soon goes when you attend your first event. If you really don’t enjoy your evening, there is no obligation to come again, so there isn’t much to lose. But we think you will have a great time and will look forward to the next event.

Is this out of my price range?

As desirable as it may be to frequent top hotels and indulge in fine dining, it is beyond the means of most people. Denier Court aims to be affordable, and as such we try to keep the dinner dances at around £200 per couple which includes one night’s accommodation, breakfast at the hotel, formal dinner & disco.

I would feel very self-conscious. How do I know what to wear?

There is no need to worry. The dress code is the same for everyone, and all the ladies will be wearing fully fashioned stockings whilst all of the gentlemen will be wearing dinner suits and bow ties. As for what dress to wear, that is up to you. You can visit our Flickr page to see what has been worn to previous events. You can also post in our new member forum when you join and one of our members will help you out.

Will I be expected to do anything that I may feel uncomfortable with?

No absolutely not. Nobody is expected to do anything or have conversations about anything they don’t wish to. Our members range from “extremely modest” to the “somewhat flirty” and everything in between. All are welcome and accepted for who they are. The only expectation of all of our members is that they enjoy themselves and have the highest levels of respect for each other.

Do men really have to wear a dinner jacket and bow tie?

For the formal dinner dances yes. If we expect the highest standards of dress from our lady members, it is only fitting that we expect the same standards from our gentlemen members. Dinner suits and bow-ties are compulsory for gentlemen for our formal dinner dances, but smart casual dress is expected at our other member-organised events.


Just for the fun of it. There is nothing more to it than that. We do it because we enjoy the sense of occasion, meeting new friends and having a weekend away in beautiful surroundings.

Who can join Denier Court?

Any couple can join Denier court so long as you are prepared to observe the dress code and abide by the rules of the organisation.

Is this a swinging group?

This is probably the most frequently asked question and the answer is definitely not. If you are a couple and into swinging, please don’t try it on with the group, they won’t like it. Denier court aims to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable and is in no way a swinging organisation.

Where are you based?

There is no specific base, we have members spread far and wide across the country, but the majority live around the south east and midlands. For this reason, our black tie events usually take place around those areas, but members from anywhere are very welcome.

Can we get away with modern lycra blend stockings?

At formal events, the answer is no. Denier Court has a dress code that includes fully fashioned stockings for the ladies, and dinner suits for the gentlemen at our dinner dances.

Do I have to wear fully fashioned stockings all weekend?

No, it is not compulsory. However, most ladies do wear fully fashioned stockings from when they arrive to when they leave the following day.