Rules of the Society

The rules of The Society are quite simple and are there to maintain the smooth running and the continued enjoyment of its members. Fundamentally, dress well, socialise well and have a good time. Any member who is disruptive, unpleasant, breaks the rules below or acts inappropriately will be excluded.


  1. The Society shall be called “Denier Court”, hereafter referred to as “The Society”.
  2. The aim of The Society shall be to encourage and bring together couples who have a common interest in seamed stockings and stiletto heeled shoes, by holding various functions at which the wearing of seamed stockings and stiletto heeled shoes by women is compulsory and can be enjoyed by the members.
  3. The dress and behavior of members and their guests at Society functions should be such that members, venue staff and the public are not offended or likely to be offended or embarrassed.
  4. The Society shall be managed by a Standing Committee, which is entrusted with the running of The Society.
  5. The Committee shall have the right to co-opt ex officio members for such purposes as required.


  1. Membership is subject to the payment of the annual subscription fee.
  2. Applications for membership shall be considered by the Committee, who shall have the right to refuse, withhold or withdraw any such application if it is considered to be in the interests of The Society.
  3. All applications for membership must be submitted through the Committee.
  4. The Committee shall have the right to terminate a membership without reason being stated.


  1. Members may bring guests to functions with the sanction of the Committee. Such guests must comply with the rules of The Society.
  2. The Committee shall have the right to remove from any meeting or function, any member or guest whose conduct is detrimental to the interests of The Society. In particular, the dress of members of The Society and their guests should be such that neither members nor venue staff are offended.
  3. An AGM will be held at some time during the first function of the yearly calendar, when an annual report of general matters and of finances will be distributed to members.


  1. On paying a deposit on a future event, the member is undertaking to pay the hotel (unless otherwise stated) the balance of the booking irrespective of whether they ultimately attend or not. Cancellation rules vary from hotel to hotel and the committee will negotiate with the hotel to try and mitigate any loss suffered by the member.
  2. The Committee shall have the right to exercise its discretion to refund monies to any member unable to attend a function having pre-paid an amount as deposit.
  3. All policies shall be set and disputes resolved by The Committee at all times
  4. The Society shall in no way be connected with any other organisation that may have similar interests or bear the same name.
  5. All membership information shall be kept confidential, is accessible only to the committee, will not be shared, used solely for the purpose of communication and will be removed from our records at any time upon the request of the member.

25th February 2007 and updated 22nd March 2018