At Denier Court, we appreciate a fine stocking. Particularly fully fashioned seamed stockings. The allure of these once-commonplace garments is the reason that Denier Court exists. Decades ago, society judged ladies harshly for not wearing stockings. In more modern times it seems that few people want to be well dressed for fear of being judged or treated with suspicion.

We aim to turn the tide and re-introduce a little vintage glamour back into society and demonstrate how good it feels to ditch the leggings, ripped jeans and the baggy jumper.

Fully fashioned stockings are still produced today on the same original knitting machines produced in the 1940s. Very few still exist today, and as you can imagine, spare parts are difficult to come by.

If what we do is new to you and you are interested in joining us, this is what you will need. We hope you will join us for many enjoyable evenings socialising, enjoying fine food and drink and feeling as amazing as you look.

Step 1 – Lets go shopping

Please note that Denier Court is not in any way affiliated with the companies listed below. Many of our members shop for stockings and accessories from the sites listed here.

Step 2 – Getting Ready

The art of getting ready for a great night out.

Step 3 – Finish off the look with the perfect dress

Step 4 – Join Us

If you would like to join our group for elegant dressing, fine food and socialising in great locations with new friends, please join us.

Stocking Facts

  • In the 50’s and early 60’s women wouldn’t be seen dead without a pair of seamed stockings. In fact, if they could not afford a pair, it was common to draw a mascara line up the back of the leg!
  • The wearing of hosiery dates back to the 15th century.
  • Fine stockings come in 10, 15 and 20 denier. The smaller the number the finer the stocking. A denier is the weight in grams of 6 miles of nylon thread. So 6 miles of 15 denier equates to 15 grams.
  • In 1945, Macy’s sold 50,000 pairs of nylons in just 6 hours.
  • Traditionally, bare legs were highly inappropriate in public, so stockings were essential.
  • Fully fashioned means they have been flat knitted and loops reduced to form the shape, before being sewn up the seam.
  • There are only a handful of manufacturers in the world today.

How Traditional Fully Fashioned Stockings are Made